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About Us

We provide unique and fast working capital solutions for small to midsize businesses with the simplest application process.

Our Story

RFR Capital is your go to for working capital needs for any size business. No matter the situation, RFR Capital has a practical solution to suit you and your company. The owners of RFR Capital have over 20 years in the commercial banking field.

This experience combined with our knowledge of the private finance world and the financial technology space, along with our honesty and integrity is what sets us apart from all the other competitors.

RFR Capital

The RFR Capital approach is to focus on building a long term relationship with you so we can become your go to for business financing. We do this by building your trust through proving our reliability, attentiveness and industry
expertise in every interaction.

RFR Capital realizes times are changing for business owners as they are seeking easier and quicker funding solutions than a bank, who might take months to approve. We pride ourselves in delivering timely funds in only 1-2 days after receiving the package. If you are looking for a finance firm who gets it done and gets it done fast, then you are in the right place.

RFR Capital

What Makes Us Different

Getting funding through us is much easier and convenient than through a tradional bank
What Makes Us Different
Traditional Bank
Credit Score Requirements
Required Documents /Bureaucracy
Time to Approval
Fast – receive funds in just a few days
Slow – may take weeks or months
Repayment Method/ Structure
Customized to your business
Available Financial Products
Spending Stipulations
Spend the money on your business
May require that the funds are used a specific way
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