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Are you an organization that deals with SMB’s on a daily basis? If so, RFR Capitals partnership program could be a right fit for you.
Partnership with RFR Capital instantly gives your clients access to lending relationships all over the country. You will also be provided unparalleled support as we take your client through the funding process. Some of the
benefits of a partnership with RFR Capital would include:
  • Increased revenue through generous referral fees
  • Increased scope of product line
  • Another product in house with your client (deepen the customer relationship)
  • Competitive Bonus Structure

Some examples of organizations that work with RFR Capital are:

Merchant Service Organizations


Commercial Lenders

Payroll Companies

Commercial Insurance Agencies

Marketing Agencies


Financial Advisors

Equipment Providers

Our process for a partner for RFR is as follows:
  1. Fill out the form to be contacted by a partner program specialist who will onboard you
  2. Go over some scenarios and your clients’ needs
  3. Submit your clients’ information
  4. Receive offers for the client
  5. Get the client funded

Partnership Form

If you are interested in Partnering up with one of the most robust product lines in the industry and earning additional income, please fill out this form below, and you will be contacted by a business development representitive in less than 24 hours.

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