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Working Capital

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Working capital is money that is borrowed to keep operations going and cover any business expenses such as equipment, inventory or payroll. Working capital is often referred to as the life-blood of any small or medium sized business. Having access to enough working capital is the difference between a business surviving or having to shut its doors. With the rise of alternative lending in the years since the Great Recession getting access to working capital is easier than ever. There is no more waiting weeks or months for an approval from your bank. There is no restriction on use of funds and there is no collateral required in order to qualify.

In order to qualify you will need:

  • 4+ months in business
  • 450+ credit score
  • 120,000 + in annual revenue

What Documentation Will Be Required to Apply?

  • 4 months of recent business bank statements
  • Completed Docusign Application
  • Credit Score
  • Credit Card Processing Statements(Required if you process Credit Cards)
  • Voided Check
  • Drivers License

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